Friday, January 6, 2012

The First Snow Fall

The first snow falls
and the woods grow white
The mighty fir trees rise out
from blankets heaped high of snow
Their ever greens peaking through

Silence has fallen
Even the wind speaks in hush tones
Whistling through the trees

No creature is viable 
The only signs of life
small footprints traced
among the trees
Of some unseen force
That pranced lightly
here and there
Before fading in the dusk

Suns light filters through the cracks
Beams of light gleam off
snow covered towers
Sinking lower the colors shift to
oranges and pinks
That warm the cool landscape

As night moves in
Purples and midnight blues
Warping all in pale moons light
Turning forest greens into nights black
Snow glittering silver under the stars
Not so far away an owl cries
and night begins

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