Friday, February 24, 2012

Contrasting Similarities

Light the essence of that is seen
Dark the presence of all the is hidden

In equal measure love is but a thought
And hate takes quite a bit of thought

From the nightmare that springs you in fear from bed
Find comfort in the new day’s lights embrace

The ocean deep is a stubborn brute that will succeed
The unbending rock is a stubborn brute that will fail

Time plays tricks; it folds in upon its self ever moving
Space lays out in solid focus a path to be followed

In the end there was a beginning
In the Beginning there will be an end

Ever More

What good is a day without the night
What is the moon without the stars

Can the world turn on a dime
Can the clouds hang on a string

Why do we remember the falling star
Why do we love the day and fear the night

Will you be there, even when I change my mind at a drop of a dime
Will  you catch the falling stars and hold the night tight as the world hangs at the end of a string

Be here when the sun sets and rise again
Be here when grey skies smile down on us

I love and always will
You are my one and only ever more