Friday, May 25, 2012


Dark oak
Creeping slowly open
Crack of light appearing beneath 

Spring's Folly

Light milky clouds of gloomy disposition float by,
On blue backdrops in deepening moods
Peeping through the fallen autumn leaves 
First of springs green plumes break free
Colors blossoming in deep purples and fuchsia shades 
A bird held within a passion flits to and throw in wild abandon 
A cat with tail a lashing surveys a tasty meal, 
and sets about to assail the testy morsel 
Book and glasses shatter as feline pounces
O poor bird flying too low to earth, 
Failing to recall his wings were not of wax 

Friday, April 6, 2012


Today is a day to remember 
Of years gone by and years to come
Days spent in bondage 
Years spent in solitude 
Remember that hope shall come
And that you have been set free
For generations to come
Let them too remember the pain
But not let them suffer 
Let them taste the bitterness
but also sweetness of release 
So they shall never forget

Friday, February 24, 2012

Contrasting Similarities

Light the essence of that is seen
Dark the presence of all the is hidden

In equal measure love is but a thought
And hate takes quite a bit of thought

From the nightmare that springs you in fear from bed
Find comfort in the new day’s lights embrace

The ocean deep is a stubborn brute that will succeed
The unbending rock is a stubborn brute that will fail

Time plays tricks; it folds in upon its self ever moving
Space lays out in solid focus a path to be followed

In the end there was a beginning
In the Beginning there will be an end

Ever More

What good is a day without the night
What is the moon without the stars

Can the world turn on a dime
Can the clouds hang on a string

Why do we remember the falling star
Why do we love the day and fear the night

Will you be there, even when I change my mind at a drop of a dime
Will  you catch the falling stars and hold the night tight as the world hangs at the end of a string

Be here when the sun sets and rise again
Be here when grey skies smile down on us

I love and always will
You are my one and only ever more

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Winter Turns

The cold days grow longer
The Sun still slinking away before the day is done
Heavens cracked and snow poured forth
Ice hid sneakily under the heaping piles of deceiving whiteness
Clouds once white start turning grey and heavy
As the Rain grinds deep into banks of snow
The Wet snow sinks heavily into the ground
Mixing snow and rain to slush that freezes in irregular patterns
of foot prints and shovel tracks and half melted shapes
Winter rushing in had tripped and turned to spring

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Grandfather Clock

Tick Tock 
Tick Tock

Goes the Grandfather Clock 
at the end of the hall 
to the right

Tick Tock 
Tick Tock

The pendulum swings.
Ticking away the minutes, 
the hours of the days

Tick Tock 
Tick Tock

With the face of the sun
and eyes of the moon
Stands the Grandfather Clock all alone

Tick Tock
Tick Tock

The key has been lost
for over a year 
and still it goes

Tick Tock
Tick Tock

The chime rings clear
Down the hall in the parlor we hear
the strike of noon
We wait
Held breath in anxious pause
Has it rung its last toll?

Tick Tock 
Tick Tock

Goes the Grandfather Clock 
at the end of the hall 
to the right

Friday, January 6, 2012

The First Snow Fall

The first snow falls
and the woods grow white
The mighty fir trees rise out
from blankets heaped high of snow
Their ever greens peaking through

Silence has fallen
Even the wind speaks in hush tones
Whistling through the trees

No creature is viable 
The only signs of life
small footprints traced
among the trees
Of some unseen force
That pranced lightly
here and there
Before fading in the dusk

Suns light filters through the cracks
Beams of light gleam off
snow covered towers
Sinking lower the colors shift to
oranges and pinks
That warm the cool landscape

As night moves in
Purples and midnight blues
Warping all in pale moons light
Turning forest greens into nights black
Snow glittering silver under the stars
Not so far away an owl cries
and night begins