Friday, July 29, 2011

Ode To A Star

Oh you shimmer so
against the velvet night
If I were to be with you
You who gleam so
How colossal you  would be
I would not recognize you little one
here you are but a grain of sand
and still I watch you with fixed fascination
as you twinkle brightly
gleaming so far away
when you are gone
I shall never know
for in my life you shine, 
in my child's you will die
Until the last of your rays 
should light upon this earth
I shall watch you all my life
and in death shall join you.

The Sun

Hot sun beating down
summer breeze
reminds me of
The woods, 
the stream that ran by
forts left unfinished in childish play
The fields with the grass so high
lupins rolling over soft hills 
dancing among the trees
cold stream falling merrily along
by moss covered rocks
scaling the elfin mountains 
the moss damp and cool,
sprinkled by the stream 
Sneaking through the pines
sent of pine permeates
sap stickily scents the hands
sneaking from the woods in to open field 
a bush laden with fruit 
Raspberries fresh picked still veiled in dew
stuffed with jubilation in mouths 
eager for their sweetness.
Slipping back within the folds of the midnight forest 

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Midnight Visitors

Two shadows approached stealthily 
I heard their war cry a purr rumbling in the dark
They laid siege to me
Their tiny paws testing my defenses
Slowly approaching
Their purrs like beating drams
Announcing their coming
See they have reached me
They are at my throat 
I am lost
They have me in their power
With their sharp tongues they lick me
Till I surrender
They will not let me be
Each I have petted to their hearts content
Their purrs subside to a rumble
Each takes it's place for night
And in the morning they are gone


Their attack crashes against the walls
With a deafening roar 
They pummel the rampart with 
each wave it shatters
Hear them coming howling cries of rage
as they bombard the bastion
Colliding with such force that it trembles 
the fortress to the very foundation
Each day, night, year it dissolves 
it's walls crumble to the seas
For it will never hold and in the end must fall