Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Night Flower Blooms at Midnight

Watch its petals of pearls as they
Slowly come to life
Each stirs softly unfurling
The fringes waking first
Stretch lavishly never moving
But still it creeps outward 
Each petal settling in its place
The Night Flower blooms at midnight
Turning slowly it faces the Moon
The Moons silvery beams  lighting
On dew encrusted petals gleaming in the night
Its heart reveled at last it settles with a sigh
Sunlights first touches fill the sky
Sun sparks fall on the Night Flower
It withers in the suns light
Its head is drooping low
Its petals singed they cascade 
In sorry circles to the ground
The night flower blooms at midnight
Then it is gone

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