Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Storm

A raging storm beneath the surface lays.
All tangled in its dreary mess,
Grasping at the shore.
Burrowing in as a worm does an apple.
Screeching and howling at the cliffs.
Cutting deep gashes in its face.
Bombarding cliffs with hash attacks.
Careening at the shore with malicious intent.
Gauging out its mark without remorse.
Flinging its self upon the shore 
With a child’s raging temper.
Griping the shore, dragging its self upon the rocks.
Moving with a crash that could shatter glass.
Momentous flowing force hurtling towards the shore.
Then Nothing

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The High Priestess

In the night she reigns
With the crest of the moon at her feet
The stars at her head
Divide of worlds she sits
Within her Knowledge lays secrets of
Mysteries yet untold that lay upon her tongue.
Wisdom of judgment
To the fool to be wise
Scrolls arcane she does sustain
Boaz  Jachin

Sunday, February 13, 2011


The angel fell
It's wings alight with flame
Plummets earthward
Hear it's cry
In the storm of the night
Howling roaring screeching
In the scarlet sea
Afloat in misery

Friday, February 11, 2011

The Fool

Of joy and laughter
He know his lot
Of wisdom he cares little
Vagabond creature no home of his
Trends with light foot
For the ground is too heavy
For him
The Excuse he gives
On his back is life’s possessions
Ahead the new
No number holds him to a path
On a whim of fancy flight
Looks not to where he’s been
But to the heaven and their grace
Stops to smell a flower sweeter
At his heels dog persist
One wrong step and he is done

Monday, February 7, 2011

In Silence

Oh heaven
Save us from the light
It burns with brilliance
Of the heavens
Bowed down in repentance
Our sins untold in silence breed


Wings alight with silver trails
Oh what heights they do prevail
Souring upon the sky
Oh what foolish creatures
Are they
For their heads are but glass
Their wings of paper
Do they think themselves,
Angels of heavens grace?

The Fall

The fall
On the ledge of heavens light
We did fall
A great height
Darkness save us from the light
Our sins too tall to count
From maze of life’s angels
Deliver us
Souls unkempt
From the lions mane


In all of heavens light
The sight unseen
Phantoms of darkness float,
on heavens wings
Stars fall in frightful plight
Crying softly as they plunge
“Oh what heavens we offend,
For our sins we meant no harm.”
Unanswered still they plunge
To the abyss they do descend
In darkness kept for eons hence