Saturday, December 31, 2011

Herald of the New

Heap the conffite in the air
let it sparkle in the night
let the horns be blown
for the new has come
and the old is gone
Let the roar cesce but for a moment
to reflict on the days
Then hear the rumble of the new
come bounding in
With a BANG its here.


The sunsets
The ink has dried
The page is turned
And so begins the new
The old seeps into the past
All that is left are the shadows
Of the sins of life
Let them be washed away
With the rising sun

Friday, December 30, 2011

In The Night

How dark is night
That it precludes the day
That’s its stars shine brighter
Then our sun could ever hope
In night anything is possible
There is no gleaming reality that
Forces it’s self into our minds
Shining a light onto our deepest hopes

Lay To Rest

Let me go home
Lay my bones to rest
among the fields to grow
Let the sun shine me to sleep
Let the wind caress me
and share my joy

Saturday, December 24, 2011

The Great Pines


Sunday, November 13, 2011

Will I be remembered?

Will I be remembered?
Will my name be written in stone?
Will I be remembered when dust turns to dust and over again?
Will  my name be whispered and echoed thought the halls?
Will I be remembered when the last leaf falls?
When all is gone,
Will I be remembered?

Monday, November 7, 2011


Stone mammoth visions of the gods
Out shadow their mortal echos
Waiting in the wafting mists
Grasp dank images about the fog
The reminding of the aged old gods
Their ruin temples haunted still
Their glory ever more

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Night Flower Blooms at Midnight

Watch its petals of pearls as they
Slowly come to life
Each stirs softly unfurling
The fringes waking first
Stretch lavishly never moving
But still it creeps outward 
Each petal settling in its place
The Night Flower blooms at midnight
Turning slowly it faces the Moon
The Moons silvery beams  lighting
On dew encrusted petals gleaming in the night
Its heart reveled at last it settles with a sigh
Sunlights first touches fill the sky
Sun sparks fall on the Night Flower
It withers in the suns light
Its head is drooping low
Its petals singed they cascade 
In sorry circles to the ground
The night flower blooms at midnight
Then it is gone

Monday, August 22, 2011


What lies under the mist and fog 
The stars that shine with the light of the night
The moon hidden beneath the fog and mist
Glows a steady beacon to all
Follow paths brightly lit 
to quiet rivers of moon light  
Flow swiftly over idol rocks
that melt into sands flow
Gently down the rivers flow
Rest on padded moss of jade
Sleep in shadows light
Safe in Moons embrace

When They Fall

When they fell
It rang like a tank
To the fallen 
To the victor
Let the streets be filled with red
of banners flying high
Hear their voices
their fears 
their hopes
Stand before the future 
Take the slug 
For the fallen
For the victor
a wreath for the lost
Bow down but do not yield
Take a stand and 
Fall for what is right

Friday, July 29, 2011

Ode To A Star

Oh you shimmer so
against the velvet night
If I were to be with you
You who gleam so
How colossal you  would be
I would not recognize you little one
here you are but a grain of sand
and still I watch you with fixed fascination
as you twinkle brightly
gleaming so far away
when you are gone
I shall never know
for in my life you shine, 
in my child's you will die
Until the last of your rays 
should light upon this earth
I shall watch you all my life
and in death shall join you.

The Sun

Hot sun beating down
summer breeze
reminds me of
The woods, 
the stream that ran by
forts left unfinished in childish play
The fields with the grass so high
lupins rolling over soft hills 
dancing among the trees
cold stream falling merrily along
by moss covered rocks
scaling the elfin mountains 
the moss damp and cool,
sprinkled by the stream 
Sneaking through the pines
sent of pine permeates
sap stickily scents the hands
sneaking from the woods in to open field 
a bush laden with fruit 
Raspberries fresh picked still veiled in dew
stuffed with jubilation in mouths 
eager for their sweetness.
Slipping back within the folds of the midnight forest 

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Midnight Visitors

Two shadows approached stealthily 
I heard their war cry a purr rumbling in the dark
They laid siege to me
Their tiny paws testing my defenses
Slowly approaching
Their purrs like beating drams
Announcing their coming
See they have reached me
They are at my throat 
I am lost
They have me in their power
With their sharp tongues they lick me
Till I surrender
They will not let me be
Each I have petted to their hearts content
Their purrs subside to a rumble
Each takes it's place for night
And in the morning they are gone


Their attack crashes against the walls
With a deafening roar 
They pummel the rampart with 
each wave it shatters
Hear them coming howling cries of rage
as they bombard the bastion
Colliding with such force that it trembles 
the fortress to the very foundation
Each day, night, year it dissolves 
it's walls crumble to the seas
For it will never hold and in the end must fall

Friday, June 3, 2011

Clockwork Angels Narrative

Clockwork angels
Heads of glass
Wings of brass
Hang flightless in the air
Hourglass is turned
They shift in measured stride
Blinking slumber from their workings
Their bodies stuffed with gears
That would fill their bodies with life
And now they dance

Up one comes with wings out stretched
The light alights on brassy wings
Glittering in the murkiness
whirling  slow to steady pace
Slanting down they glide
flapping softly with a clink
Brassy murmur

Quickly one ascends
flaunting its gleaming wings
against the night
darting here and there they play
flittering, quiver, flutter shimmer
in delicate dance

The last sand falls
sluggishly they slow
the flapping wings
sedated their heads hang low
Their dance has ceased
Clockwork angels
Heads of glass
Wings of brass
Hang flightless in the air

Thursday, June 2, 2011


The Sun hung low
setting on the day
Standing in the rapture bliss of it golden rays
my only companion a sunflower
who also watched the dying rays
With joy that lingered still
As night slide softly over
Waiting in  jubilation for 
the rapture of the day

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Oh what horrid lies we tell
In whispered yells,
across the room
Deceitfully we turn our heads,
from one to another
Speaking of philosophies to each other
Of topics quite complex
That leave spinning tops
With heads that feel quite muddled

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Clockwork Angels

Clockwork angels
Heads of glass
Wings of brass
Hang flightless in the air
Hourglass is turned
They shift in measured stride
Blinking slumber from their workings
Their bodies stuffed with gears
That wound fill their bodies with life
And now they dance

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Creature

In the winter of the night
In solitary stands
a creature of earth and sky
Whose reach exceeds its grasp
In fires light that pierce the night
Heralds a day of atonement
When all is clay once more
The sea sinks deep in rock
The end will near
The Creature bows its head in silence

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Poet Meshugeh

Hear the noise
The children playing
The honk the screeching
Birds chirping, laughter
Poet sits in wasted room
With sea of paper looming tall
Ink splats soaking
The sunlight moving on
Poet sulks moodily
Draining his thoughts with pen
Wind thru open window sweeps
The sea becomes a fury
Circling the poet viciously
Cunning quick cutting deep
Poet sits
In ruin waste

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


One wing of paper
The other of feathers
Flap one and you shall rise
Flap the other and you shall burn

Thursday, March 3, 2011


Winding twisting tearing growing
Ever life 
The slow staggering pace
Shaping time differently
Knotting wrapping binding growing
Outward creeping slowly

Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Storm

A raging storm beneath the surface lays.
All tangled in its dreary mess,
Grasping at the shore.
Burrowing in as a worm does an apple.
Screeching and howling at the cliffs.
Cutting deep gashes in its face.
Bombarding cliffs with hash attacks.
Careening at the shore with malicious intent.
Gauging out its mark without remorse.
Flinging its self upon the shore 
With a child’s raging temper.
Griping the shore, dragging its self upon the rocks.
Moving with a crash that could shatter glass.
Momentous flowing force hurtling towards the shore.
Then Nothing

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The High Priestess

In the night she reigns
With the crest of the moon at her feet
The stars at her head
Divide of worlds she sits
Within her Knowledge lays secrets of
Mysteries yet untold that lay upon her tongue.
Wisdom of judgment
To the fool to be wise
Scrolls arcane she does sustain
Boaz  Jachin

Sunday, February 13, 2011


The angel fell
It's wings alight with flame
Plummets earthward
Hear it's cry
In the storm of the night
Howling roaring screeching
In the scarlet sea
Afloat in misery

Friday, February 11, 2011

The Fool

Of joy and laughter
He know his lot
Of wisdom he cares little
Vagabond creature no home of his
Trends with light foot
For the ground is too heavy
For him
The Excuse he gives
On his back is life’s possessions
Ahead the new
No number holds him to a path
On a whim of fancy flight
Looks not to where he’s been
But to the heaven and their grace
Stops to smell a flower sweeter
At his heels dog persist
One wrong step and he is done

Monday, February 7, 2011

In Silence

Oh heaven
Save us from the light
It burns with brilliance
Of the heavens
Bowed down in repentance
Our sins untold in silence breed


Wings alight with silver trails
Oh what heights they do prevail
Souring upon the sky
Oh what foolish creatures
Are they
For their heads are but glass
Their wings of paper
Do they think themselves,
Angels of heavens grace?

The Fall

The fall
On the ledge of heavens light
We did fall
A great height
Darkness save us from the light
Our sins too tall to count
From maze of life’s angels
Deliver us
Souls unkempt
From the lions mane


In all of heavens light
The sight unseen
Phantoms of darkness float,
on heavens wings
Stars fall in frightful plight
Crying softly as they plunge
“Oh what heavens we offend,
For our sins we meant no harm.”
Unanswered still they plunge
To the abyss they do descend
In darkness kept for eons hence

Friday, January 14, 2011


Dark dreams of light
Pour in the window 
Restless sleep
Midnight moon 
Fog rolls in 
Dragging along the shore
Creeps up on the window sill
Breathing on the windowpane
Stars fading in the light
Moon spoiled sinks low
Wakeful sleeper.